Sportgraphic States Pictures Posted, Stotesbury Friday Schedule

A couple links for you… . . . → Read More: Sportgraphic States Pictures Posted, Stotesbury Friday Schedule

Lane Bias At Stotesbury – Part 2

Time to look at the data… . . . → Read More: Lane Bias At Stotesbury – Part 2

Lane Bias at Stotesbury – Part 1

Here we go – claims of lane bias again….. We’ll see…. . . . → Read More: Lane Bias at Stotesbury – Part 1

Interference at Stotesbury

What should be done? . . . → Read More: Interference at Stotesbury

St Albans for the win!

And Madison takes fourth in the WV8 . . . → Read More: St Albans for the win!

Wet Friday at Stotes

The mud isn’t the worst part… . . . → Read More: Wet Friday at Stotes

I Will Not be Predicting Stotesbury

I never got that much data… . . . → Read More: I Will Not be Predicting Stotesbury

Rowing News Articles on Courses

Nice Articles in Rowing News about:

The Schuylkill River

The Potomac

The Occoquan

Improving Performance – Maximizing Opportunities

This post starts with a story. I’m sure this story comes in several forms – but this is the one I’m familiar with:

A senior salesman is working with the new salesmen in his office. They all want to earn more money. The senior salesman offers them a deal “If you each pay me $10 – I’ll tell you how to make 25% more money” (Note: this is obviously an old story – back when $10 was a significant amount.) The junior salesmen agree. The experienced salesman says “Work 25% longer.”

In today’s ‘something for nothing’ environment, a lot of folks would say the junior salesmen got ripped off. I disagree. $10 (even back then) was probably cheap for the . . . → Read More: Improving Performance – Maximizing Opportunities

Sportgraphics has the Stotesbury Regatta Pictures

Looks as though Sportsgraphics has Stotesbury Pictures!

Rowphilly1 Posts the Mens Senior Eight Finals Video on youtube

If you missed the race – a snippet of the finals are here. Thanks Rowphilly1! These rowers are awesome.

Since I haven’t tried this before – I’ll try embedding the video in my blog:


If you haven't checked out since Stotesbury…

They have changed their home page to include photos and press reports from the Stotesbury Regatta. Very cool – I don’t know how long they will keep it up.

Reflections on Stotesbury 2010

The weather was fantastic. The wind was light and parallel to the rowers for the most part. The conditions were wonderful for this year’s Stotesbury Regatta. I came away as impressed as ever with the rowers and their efforts. I counted about 125 port-a-potties from start line to finish line (admit it – you were curious.) In my previous quick post I made a prediction for the winners of the Mens and Womens Senior Eight. How did I do? Winter Park – whom I picked to win came in third. St Joseph’s won for the men. Hopefully someone will put it on Youtube like last year. Mount St Joseph won on the Women’s side – matching my prediction. Would have . . . → Read More: Reflections on Stotesbury 2010

Still at Stoesbury

Beautiful Weather. Wish you were here. Saw a lot of the heats today – very enjoyable. Saw the Mens First Eight Heat. From there I choose Winter Park to win it all (qualified third). On the women’s side I choose Mount Saint Joseph – who beat the 2nd place team in qualifying by 25 seconds? Really?

To be fair – I didn’t watch all the rowers in the Women’s First Eight. I was just amazed by the time they posted. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The Magic of Stotesbury

It is just a couple weeks until the Stotesbury Cup Regatta (Wikipedia Page and the Official Site) I suspect a rower’s first visit to Stotesbury is probably akin to how small town residents (in the days before television) must have felt when they visited New York City for the first time. The shoreline is packed with people, boat vendors, jewlers, and all manner of retail are set up in tents. Judges dressed in traditional jackets, slacks, and hats monitor the races and assist the rowers and represent the long tradition of the rowing sport. And the rowers represent the absolute cream of the crop. Coming from a ‘regular’ school – you realize their is a whole other level of rowing . . . → Read More: The Magic of Stotesbury

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