Charlie Butt Race Videos

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Charlie Butt Regatta Cancelled!

I have no further info… . . . → Read More: Charlie Butt Regatta Cancelled!

No Regatta Predictions this week…

I should have finished programming before the season started… . . . → Read More: No Regatta Predictions this week…

Further Thoughts On McLean Boats Rescue

Looks like Channel 9 doesn’t care to get the facts straight… . . . → Read More: Further Thoughts On McLean Boats Rescue

McLean Rowers Swim

On the Potomac – must have been cold…. . . . → Read More: McLean Rowers Swim

Rowing Safety

The tragic death of a rower in Washington State this week is a reminder that crew is not a sport without risks. This rower died after his boat was run over by a speedboat on Lake Stevens near Seattle. This is an uncommon occurrence, but not unknown. A quick search of google shows multiple hits, such as this one in the New York Times. Incidents like this cause us to reflect, and ask ourselves – how safe is rowing?

I suspect powered boats are constant threats to rowers. While collisions are relatively rare, wakes provide unwelcome – and often dangerous – obstacle to teams. Teams that practice on the Potomac have tougher conditions than those on the Occoquan. In either . . . → Read More: Rowing Safety

Rowing News Articles on Courses

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The Schuylkill River

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