Correction to an Earlier Post

Last week I wrote a post about a smiling rower.    In that post I claimed that out of all the pictures I had taken – this was the first time I had seen a rower smiling in all the pictures I had ever taken.

Well – it turns out that wasn’t technically true.

I received an email which showed me that – in fact – I had taken pictures of smiling rowers before.  So I had made a mistake and would like to admit to that…

I noticed the rower last week because it was the last race of the day and he made eye contact – twice.

Many times I don’t study all of the pictures I take.

I sort them into race folders by looking at the time they were taken.

I might look at a couple pictures to ensure I have the right race and write down the correct team names.

I don’t doubt that more than one smiling rower has slipped through…

So in fairness – click on the image below from last year’s Virginia Championship for another smiling rower I had missed.


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