Women’s First Eight Evaluation

Women’s First Eight Evaluation:

Here is my PDF chart for the Women’s First eight: Womens_1st_Eight

Ok – this is one of my biases.  I think Madison is good.  I haven’t seen anything so far to change that opinion.  Thomas Jefferson hasn’t gotten closer than 7 seconds away – which is a lot of ground to make up.  I didn’t get to watch Madison in the Regional Park Regatta, but I remember them from the Polar Bear.  They were extremely smooth.  Good teams don’t look like they are working hard (strained faces and bowed backs).  I think they have more to give.

Thomas Jefferson looks like they might be improving – which I would like to see.  I think having two teams pushing each other helps early in the season.  But I still think they are pretty far away.  Based on all the events leading up to the final, one might have wondered how strong they were.  TJ put away the other competors by 7 seconds in the final as well.  For both these teams, the main question is whether TC or National Cathedral has a boat to throw against these two.

Woodson, Robinson, Westfield and Woodbridge all rowed respectable races in the final at the Regional Park.  Only 6 seconds covered the lot, which isn’t a bad separation early in the season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these teams beating the others (although Woodson does seem to be the leader in this group for now.)   Westfield really seemed to have a great performance in the final.  It will be interesting to see how they perform going forward.

And let’s not forget two other teams which certainly deserve to be in the thick of this battle: Oakton and Yorktown.  Based on the heats I think Yorktown can make a clear case that it deserves to be in the finals.  Although slightly less, I think Oakton can make the same case as well.  Hindsight is 20-20, a more equitable distribution of top teams in the heats could have been achieved (especially with regards to Oakton – Yorktown was an unknown quantity coming into the race.)

Finally we have the teams of Mt Vernon, West Springfield, Forest Park, Episcopal, and Lake Braddock – who all can make a reasonable claim of being within about 15 seconds of that second group.

As expected, the Women’s 1st Eight seems to be the most competetive event this season.  Fun to watch – and probably fun to have close competition in the races as well.

So here is how I see the ranking so far:
Madison: 0
Thomas Jefferson: 7
Whitman: 9
Woodson: 12-14
Yorktown: 16
Robinson: 15-17
Oakton: 15-17
Westfield: 19-24
Woodbridge: 19-22
(The following  numbers should be taken with a BIG grain of salt)
Lake Braddock: 29-31
Forest Park: 29-31
Episcopal: 29-33
West Springfield: 30-37

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