Mens 2nd Eight Evaluation

You can find my PDF chart of this category here:Mens_2nd_Eight

Yorktown showed up at the Regional Park Regatta and raised the bar in this category.  By beating Thomas Jefferson twice in direct races they established themselves as the leading team.  The question is: do they have more to give?  I don’t think we can answer that question.  Yorktown and Thomas Jefferson seem to be the standouts in this category.  3 seconds difference at this part of the season is an achievable gap to close.  We’ll have to see what happens.

Madison, Oakton, and Robinson seem to be in an interesting battle as well.  Robinson has been close but unable to fully close on the other two.    Madison has beaten Oakton in 2 of the 3 meetings, only losing in a heat.  Did Oakton overexert themselves in the heat?  or have a problem? (as alluded to in the comments on the RowDMV blog)  This group of 3 looks very close.

This is one of those categories where the adjustment of races doesn’t yield a clear convergence on performance.  Did team members change?  Where there problems?  Will some of these rowers swap between Jr boats?  Fours? 1V’s?  I would not be surprised to see some breakout performances between some of these teams as the season progresses.

In general, I think this category is too early to make any definitive statements.

But that won’t stop me from embarrassing myself anyway.

Here is how I see the rankings:
Yorktown: 0
Thomas Jefferson: 3
Madison: 13-14
Oakton: 14-15
Robinson: 18
Lake Braddock and Forest Park: 20-27 (much of this depends on how well we think Thomas Jefferson did in the Polar Bear.  I think we will wait and see how these two teams play out.)
Westfield: 28
West Springfield: 40

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