Which Northern Virginia High School Crew Team is Best? 2010-2011 Edition

The unanswered question:

We have a really good idea which team is best in a particular event.  Competitions answer that question for us.  Individuals can probably be ranked as well. If there is a ranking of teams – I don’t know where it is.

To fill this need – I have created a ranking.

I did this last year as well – you can find my 2010 Crew Rankings at this link.

After last year’s post I did receive some feedback.  Based on this feedback I made three changes to my ranking system.  The first change had to do with coxswains.  Last year I did not include the coxswains in the calculations of “number of rowers” – this year I did.  So an “eight” would be counted as having ‘9’ rowers.  This year I also included finals (including the singles and doubles) The third change had to do with complaints that the ‘First Eight’ is a marquee event and should be worth more than some other events.  I agree and disagree.  While I don’t think one event is more important than another (I’ll be talking about this more in future posts) I do believe events which have more boats competing should be counted more than events with fewer.  By this logic, the highest scoring event overall was the Women’s First Eight – which had a full complement of 18 Teams.


Team Rankings:

School Score Rank
St Albans 62.51 1
James Madison 47.59 2
McLean 33.73 3
Woodbridge 27.01 4
TC Williams 26.14 5
Episcopal 23.75 6
Thomas Jefferson 23.10 7
Gloucester 22.00 8
Georgetown Visitation 20.53 9
South County 19.80 10
Yorktown 18.47 11
Mathews 17.17 12
Westfield 16.09 13
Western Albemarle 15.85 14
Forest Park 15.70 15
Oakton 13.99 16
Christchurch 12.20 17
Washington Lee 11.18 18
Great Bridge 9.98 19
Robinson 9.00 20
JEB Stuart 8.97 21
Hylton 8.84 22
Lake Braddock 7.81 23
Garfield 7.31 24
Mount Vernon 7.29 25
Woodson 6.10 26
NCS 5.06 27
Fairfax 4.48 28
Potomac 4.17 29
Langley 3.41 30
West Springfield 3.05 31
Sidwell 1.67 32
West Potomac 0.89 33
Wakefield 0.00 34

The Overall Average Score was 15.14


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Now come the questions…

1) Why isn’t my team there? To be included, I needed to have a reasonable value for the overall size of the team I took this from the VASRA Web Site (pdf) and they must have competed in the Virginia State Championships on 14 May 2011.  If that information was missing, or if they didn’t have a boat in the finals of any of the races I looked at, they were left out.

2)  Why did you need team size? I looked at this theory in my post “Great Teams win with Average“.  Teams can always try to get good rowers by adding members in the hopes of getting a few of those statistical outliers to add to their fast boats.  Which team would you think is better?  The first wins an “Eight” race with 120 members on their team.  The second team places 2nd with only 60 members on their team.  I would give the nod to the second team.  This is why I divide the total points each team gets by the total number of people on the team.

3) Points?  How do teams get points? (Changes from 2010 are in Red) I looked at the Virginia Championship on 14 May.  If I included the race the scoring would be as follows:  First Place through Sixth Place in the finals would get 10/7/5/3/2/1 points.  Then I multiplied the number of points by the number of rowers in the boat.  For example – the second place boat in the Men’s First Four would get 7 points for placing – multiplied by 5 (4 rowers + 1 Coxswain) – for a total of 35 points.  This year – I multiplied the points a team receives by the number of teams in that event.  If there were 11 teams in the event I would multiply 35 x 11 for a total of 385 points.

4) What Races were Included? All finals were included.  Heats were not included.  Petites were not included.

5) So how was this all calculated? Let’s take the example we used before.  Our example team “CatBridge” had one boat in our events.  They placed 2nd in an event with 4 rowers(+1 coxswain).  They would have gotten 35 points for that effort. If there were 5 total teams in that event we would multiply 35 times 5 = 175. Then we would add up all the points they received that day and divide it by 60 rowers on their team.  This would give them a score of 175/60 = 2.91.


Conclusions: St Albans wins the overall competition hands down.  No debate.  Congratulations St Albans. James Madison did very well in the Women’s Eights (winning the 1st and 2nd) while getting 2nd in the Men’s Junior 8. McLean won the Women’s Junior 4, Women’s 1st 4, and both Lightweight Eights (they fall behind Madison simply because there were fewer competitors in those events.)  Woodbridge did well in a variety of events while winning the Women’s Quad.


Post Script:  How does my team compare against Last Year’s Ranking?  To do this I need to calculate rankings the same way as last year.  I didn’t do this exactly.  The ranking below still includes coxswains and includes all final events (last year I left out singles and doubles). But it is pretty close.   Using that methodology the rankings are as follows:

School Score Rank
St Albans 5.59 1
McLean 3.87 2
Western Albemarle 3.85 3
Episcopal 3.75 4
James Madison 3.60 5
Woodbridge 3.41 6
Georgetown Visitation 3.09 7
South County 2.18 8
TC Williams 2.17 9
Thomas Jefferson 2.03 10
Forest Park 1.93 11
JEB Stuart 1.90 12
Christchurch 1.75 13
Great Bridge 1.71 14
Gloucester 1.63 15
Mathews 1.50 16
Hylton 1.47 17
Oakton 1.42 18
Yorktown 1.42 19
Westfield 1.35 20
Lake Braddock 1.25 21
Garfield 1.23 22
Washington Lee 1.18 23
Potomac 0.74 24
Mount Vernon 0.73 25
Robinson 0.71 26
Fairfax 0.56 27
Woodson 0.55 28
Langley 0.53 29
Sidwell 0.33 30
West Springfield 0.30 31
NCS 0.28 32
West Potomac 0.11 33
Wakefield 0.00 34

 The Overall Average Score was 1.71


Still don’t understand my data? Ask me a question in the forums and I will try to answer it.

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