I Will Not be Predicting Stotesbury

I won’t be making predictions for Stotesbury.

Although I found several “issues” with my computer program – it would have been nice to give it a try.  Unfortunately, the most time consuming part of the ranking was data entry.  Entering the results from one of the Occoquan Regattas usually took me an hour.  Perhaps I could do this if it were a full-time job.

This would be possible if regattas published results in an easily readable computer format – something like this:

Date,Location,Distance, Race,Category,Team,Place,Time,Notes (for each boat)

I can easily tailor a program to read in the line and extract the information based on the location (in the line) and the commas which separate them.

Most results come in a PDF,  This is what it looks like:

½š¸ qkèM_ùUCßû§ø—†²ý6þ¡Ýþ¿ý{Üÿ>¿‡[Áïå?è¦ø½ýÞne¿¯ÿ„›æô‡¸uüaþ0·±?ÂÞmâôǹ§ø¯ù¯¹çøýwÝsý÷üÜ‹üOýîeþgþgîUþçþçnsÿ ÿ·…ÿƒ¿Èmígøn{©ŸéÞägù«ÜNþ‹{›¿Íßíöò÷úÅn_?±ÝG#NÄu‹x‘ˆûd$9’æŽTTuŸ‹¤Gj¸ÏGjE¸£””ÜW#”ܱ‘G”O¸ã”#Ϻ¯G†Gžs’E^ˆŒt’G^Œ¼èN‰Œ‰Œqߏ¼ï~™yÓý4ÉNJrg&¥$Uq¿MªžTÓ]´+i¯»HØaüw!ü‹+^#šˆ:âmzºÎÕëÅ:ŸðŠƒ¦ˆé1ú=>…zg×èvä™K(?~=_od¿&~¶³\þàêF½Ï¯×ÔAêÙž?l{û€ÏˆYI
iA-‡ÜP^¤[®‹û¬äíE„óÜÛXÚ›ƒÔùƒ^­£úGJÈ¡·y‡kãl¥ŽŒ—¾Vè¹z]ülk¹Ú7l½J/Ö»õ•”±;YÔ-s=v¸ÊôîÝvJøµåŒ?KÉÕ×õëÂûïáoroëte¬ä4„ŸÕH\H¨¶¹ú•ž¯—b?غýàõ¿£_Ó¯ršéÓtO݃P™q,í=¡‚r¹cúk‡}­¿§܇`ô̵?퇁N”É„†Äc¢”ýc©m–µŠxÌvz¾•±_¡·áïW êlîÂþÚõ&s‡6•

While there are programming libraries to help – none seem too reliable.  Add the fact that everyone puts it into a different format PDFand I would still need to write a program that adapts to having everything in different spots.

I could argue with the governing bodies to try to get a standard in place for results – but that is just one of many windmills out there to attack.  Not today.

A lesson for everyone who develops a neat idea: Getting the data out is just as important as getting the data in.

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