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Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #1: Races 1-5

Race #1: Men’s Freshmen Eight Heat A:  West Springfield, Yorktown, TC Williams, Washington-Lee, Westfield

Race #2: Men’s Freshmen Eight Heat B: McLean, Woodson, Thomas Jefferson, St Albans, Madison

Race #3: Women’s Freshmen Eight Heat A: Hylton, Jefferson, Yorktown, Lake Braddock, TC Williams, Woodbridge

Race #4: Women’s Freshment Eight Heat B: Georgetown Visitation, McLean, National Cathedral, West Springfield, Washington-Lee, West Potomac

Race #5: Mens Novice Eight Heat A: Langley, Washington-Lee, Oakton, TC Williams, Hylton

Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #2: Races 6-10

Race #6: Mens Novice Eight Heat B: Jefferson B, Woodbridge, Madison, Yorktown, Oakton B

Race #7: Mens Novice 8 Heat C: Briar Wood, West Springfield, Jefferson, Mt Vernon, TC Williams B

Race #8: Womens Novice Four Heat A: Potomac, McLean, Christchurch, Wakefield

Race #9 Womens Novice Four Heat B: Episcopal, Yorktown, Sidwell Friends

Race #10: Mens Novice Four Heat A: Woodson, Fairfax Briar Woods

Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #3: Races 11-15

Race #11: Mens Novice Four Heat B: Wakefield B, Yorktown, Washington-Lee, Wakefield

Race #12: Womens Novice Eight Heat A: Hylton, Oakton B, Madison, Georgetown Visitation, Thomas Jefferson B

Race #13: Womens Novice Eight Heat B: Lake Braddock B, Mt Vernon, Lake Braddock, Thomas Jefferson, Langley

Race #14: Women’s Novice Eight Heat C: Briar Wood, Washington-Lee, Oakton, Yorktown, Woodson

Race #15: Womens Fourth Eight: TC Williams, Westfield, Robinson

Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #4: Races 16-20

Race #16: Mens Fourth Eight: Westfield, Lake Braddock, Robinson

Race #17: Mens Third Eight: McLean, Robinson, Yorktown, Westfield, Oakton, Lake Braddock

Race #18: Womens Third Eight: TC Williams, Yorktown, Robinson, Westfield,

Race #19: Mens Third Four: West Potomac, TC Williams, St Albans

Race #20: Womens Third Four: Hylton, Episcopal

Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #5: Races 21-25

Race #21: Mens Freshmen Eight Petite: St Albans, West Springfield, McLean, Westfield

Race #22: Mens Freshmen Eight Final: Yorktown, Woodson, TC Williams, Jefferson, Washington-Lee, Madison

Race #23: Womens Freshmen Eight Petite: Hylton, Georgetown Visitation, Woodbridge, McLean, TC Williams, West Potomac

Race #24: Womans Freshmen Eight Final: Jefferson, Washington-Lee, Lake Braddock, National Cathedral, Yorktown, West Springfield

Race #25: Mens Novice Eight Final: Thomas Jefferson, Langley, Madison, Oakton, Mt Vernon

Ted Phoenix Pictures Set #6: Races 26-29

Race #26: Mens Novice Four Final: Washington-Lee, Woodson, Wakefield, Fairfax, Yorktown

Race #27: Womens Novice Four Final: Potomac, Yorktown, Christ Church, Episcopal, McLean, Sidwell Friends

Race #28: Womens Novice Eight Finals: Mt Vernon, Woodson, Madison, Lake Braddock, Georgetown Visitation, Oakton

Race #29: Womens Fifth Eight: TC Williams Robinson, Westfield


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