Regional Park Regatta Pictures – 23 April 2011

This post is simply to provide an index for my Regional Park Regatta Pictures.  If you link to this post you can get to all the pictures:

Click the links below to get to each set of pictures:

Races 1-5:

M-2x F – Fairfax, Hylton, Jeb Stuart, Potomac Lt, Western Albemarle, Hylton B

W-1-4 A –  Fairfax, Gloucester, South County, Mercyhurst

W-1-4 B – Woodson, McLean, Oakton, Hylton

W-1-8 A – Woodbridge, Madison, Westfield, Mercyhurst

W-1-8 B – Mt Vernon, Robinson, Woodson, McLean

Races 6-10:

W-2/Jr-4 A – Wakefield, Oakton, Woodson, McLean

W-2/Jr-4 B – Hylton 2nd, Mercyhurst 2nd, McLean, Gloucester, Forest Park

W-2x F – Western Albemarle, Potomac, Western Albemarle B

M-N-4 Race 1 – Gloucester, Mathews, Woodson, Jeb Stuart, Woodbridge, Wakefield

M-N-4 Race 2 – Mt Vernon, Forest Park, Fairfax, Potomac

Races 11-15:

W-N-4 – McLean, Woodbridge, Potomac, Hylton, Mercyhurst, Fairfax

M-N-8 Race 1 – Oakton, Gloucester, Madison

M-N-8 Race 2 – Westfield, Hylton, Mercyhurst

W-N-8 Race 1 – Gloucester, Woodson EX, Oakton, McLean, Mt Vernon

W-N-8 Race 2 – Forest Park, Westfield, Hylton, Madison

Races 16-20:

M-4-8 – Westfield, Robinson, Oakton, Westfield B

W-4-8 – Robinson B, Westfield, Robinson

M-1-4 – Mathews, Woodson, Gloucester, Madison, Woodbridge, Mercyhurst

W-1-4 – Mercyhurst, Hylton, Gloucester, McLean, South County, Oakton

M-1-8 – McLean, Westfield, Oakton, Robinson, South County, Forest Park, Mt Vernon

Races 21-25:

W-1-8 – Woodbridge, McLean, Madison, Robinson, Westfield, Woodson

M-1-4x – Jeb Stuart, Hylton, Hylton 2nd

M-F-8 – Westfield, Woodson, Madison, McLean

M-2/Jr-4 – Oakton, Forest Park, Gloucester, Mercyhurst, Woodbridge

W-Jr-4 – South County, Gloucester, Woodson, McLean, Oakton

Races 26-33:

W-3/Jr-8 – Oakton Lt/Jr, South County, Forest Park, Westfield 3rd, Robinson 3rd, Robinson 3rd B

M-Jr-8 – Woodson, Madison, South County

M-2-8 – Westfiled, Oakton, Robinson, Forest Park, McLean Lt, Woodbridge Lt EXB

W-2-8 – Madison, Robinson, Westfield

M-Lt-4 – Woodson 2nd, Madison 2nd, Woodson, South County

W-Lt-4 – Madison, Oakton, McLean, Woodbridge, Potomac, Mt Vernon

W-4x – Woodbridge 2nd, Jeb Stuart, Woodbridge, Potomac, Hylton, Western Albemarle, Mathews

M-3-8 – Westfield, Oakton, McLean, South County, Robinson, Forest Park



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